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C’est Moi

I’m Ashleigh – my full name is Ashleigh Ford Davis. Hence the domain…yeah, clever. I know.

My life is a bit odd, but whose isn’t? I balance technology, marketing and data geekery with my love for pretty images on Pinterest. What’s that mean in layman’s terms? I’m a geeky marketer at Rackspace and I also run a design and styling company with my sister.

In other words, I am a whole lot of left brain energy running around in a world of brilliant right-brained designers. I do 180-degree turns all day long; reverse engineering a data glitch to matching 50 hues of peach for a client’s design concept board.

I drink too much wine, and don’t work out enough. But when I do, I attempt to train for a half-marathon, beat up a bag at Krav Maga or sweat my butt off at Bikram Yoga. I like variety. Clearly.

/end creative tidbits + start third-person blurb.

Prior to joining Rackspace, I worked with small businesses across a variety of industries while operating an online marketing/consulting firm. Perhaps my most amusing career, though, was working for Sony Music Entertainment and meeting interesting musicians like Steven Tyler, Tori Amos and Chris Cornell.

I have an MBA in Project Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from the University of Texas at Austin. In October 2009, I was blessed to be awarded the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship – one of the most prestigious awards for young business owners. I am also a Fellow with the Next Generation Project Texas.

Professional Awards

Most Innovative Revenue Engine (2012)
Marketo Revvies, Customer Award Recognition

La Plata Award of Excellence (2010) – Marketing Consumer Product Campaign
Public Relations Society of America, San Antonio Chapter

El Bronce Award of Excellence (2010) – Web Design
Public Relations Society of America, San Antonio Chapter

Marketing Excellence Award Winner (2010) – Campaign Under $25,000
American Marketing Association, San Antonio Chapter


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