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The speed at which one year can fly by is incredible. And the lessons learned in that year can amount to a wealth of knowledge.

This year has been no exception.

Today marks my one year anniversary at Trend Micro! One year ago, we packed up our house and headed to Dallas to explore new opportunities. Within that year we’ve experienced quite a bit…we’ve almost completed the construction of our new home, my husband has started a new career, and my career has taken me across the world. We’ve had our share of challenges, and we’ve accepted them as gracefully and humbly as possible. Let’s just say we’ve made one heck of a glass of lemonade with both the expected and unexpected opportunities.

I’d be remiss if I indicated that I wasn’t absolutely terrified at the process of moving. I kept asking myself if we were making the right decision.

A major catalyst for the move was career opportunity—the ability to begin understanding our unique gifts and be able to feel fulfilled in our endeavors. As frightening as it was, it’s been tremendous beyond measure. And, I’ve learned a few lessons…

Humbly Trust Yourself
You are gifted. Gently embrace your voice. As a woman, I am prone to doubting my abilities. This year has given me the opportunity to embrace my talents as expertise, while affording me the opportunity to speak ideas without feeling unqualified to voice those opinions. Humility is great, but it can hinder the ability to be bold and outspoken. I’ve learned to assert myself in a respectful manner, and I believe it’s my willingness to be humble and vulnerable that has earned the trust and respect of those around me. This is profoundly import—be intelligent because you have something valid to say, not because you are in fear of losing credibility.

Listen Closely, Tread Lightly
The business world can be extremely harsh. And it’s that harshness that’s often fueled by frightened individuals grasping to maintain some sense of control. Fear grips everyone—from the most intelligent individual contributor, to the wildly successful and overwhelmed CEO. Rather than running the risk of emotionally or verbally abusing others, I believe one’s individual fear can be harnessed in a positive manner. We are all hard-pressed to meet expectations, and it’s easy to act in moments of impulse or arrogance. You’re intelligent, and so are the individuals around you. Never suspect something was done out out ignorance; watch, learn, and understand before delivering judgment. You’ll not only gain respect, but you’ll gain invaluable intelligence before making haphazard decisions.

Be a Proactive Visionary
What is the company’s expectation of you? Not your role (since roles can be so amorphous these days), but what is the expectation of your talents? We are all hired with an expectation of performance, and that’s not often so black and white. Your expertise in X job description often expands into uncharted territory. Understand your organization’s perspective on ingenuity. Understand your sphere of influence, and begin developing your own path. Many organizations embrace new ideas, so don’t be afraid to develop strategies that expand beyond those requested from leadership. Vision is the future.

I am so thankful for my team at Trend Micro—for encouraging me, trusting me, and inspiring me to be a better marketer. I am also so grateful for the opportunity to travel to meet colleagues across the globe, and to see some amazing places!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.48.26 PM

View over Lac Leamy toward downtown Ottawa


Receiving Marketer of the Year award at the 2015 Marketo Summit

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.50.36 PM

My morning view in Tokyo



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